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iGSX Software

Automate Apple Report getting through GSX (Apple Global Service Exchange) via Self-Servicing Account (SSA).

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iGSX Software is the automation of Apple GSX check result obtaining via device’s IMEI or Serial Number. 

iGSX Software presents a powerful solution allowing to automate obtaining of Apple’s official check via GSX (Apple Global Service Exchange) account (SSA) using a device’s IMEI or Serial Number. 


iGSX Software is a professional tool allowing to connect Apple GSX account to eCommerce GSM (DHRU, GSM Fusion) or any other type of online store or website. Connect with Apple GSX account via API integration and process orders both in single-threaded or multi-threaded modes. iGSX Software is designed to ease your work and give you profit. You can easily customize an official Apple GSX report in lighting-fast mode and deliver it to your customers! 

GSX report includes detailed information on Apple device of any type, namely activation policy, Sold To, Warranty and diagnostics, carrier’s blocking status and many others. In addition, the software is capable to get GSX opened/closed cases and a device’s repair status. Apple GSX Report example which you can get by using iGSX Software: https://igsx.software/apple-gsx-report/

iGSX Software Facilities:

  • Human work imitation is the main advantage of iGSX software. This feature helps to protect your GSX account from deactivation or blocking from Apple’s end.
  • Rapid connection of eCommerce GSM (DHRU, GSM Fusion, etc.), websites, repair shops or online services via API within a few seconds.
  • iGSX Software is capable to process orders in multi-threaded mode using as many GSX accounts as you wish.
  • You can customize the GSX reports checking process in accordance with your requirements using iGSX system flexible settings.
  • iGSX software represents an online control panel where you can easily find all Apple GSX reports history processed via your GSX account.

How to start using iGSX Software?

To start using iGSX Software is easy! You don’t need any deep technical knowledge – our development and support teams will do everything on their own and will present you ready-to-use configured product. 

The main and most important feature iGSX Software provides is remote access to Apple Global Service Exchange Database and you can get an Apple GSX Report result just in 1 minute and it will include full information about the device. Please, check for who iGSX Software is designed for?

You can find the detailed information at iGSX Automate Apple GSX Report Retrieval Software official website: https://igsx.software

System Requirement:

API Knowledge base:

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